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Upgrading an existing installation which uses Postgres

This section will help you upgrade your GoCD Server installation which uses Postgres as its data store.

Suppose you are uprgrading from GoCD Server 15.1.0, which uses go-postgresql-15.1.0-123.jar to GoCD Server 15.2.0, which uses go-postgresql-15.2.0-456.jar (as an example), the steps for an upgrade are as follows:

Step 1: Shut down the GoCD Server

Before upgrading, it is recommended to shut down the GoCD Server and take a backup of the data. The One Click Backup feature of GoCD can be used to take a backup.

On Linux:

$ service go-server stop

On Windows:

C:\> net stop "Go Server"

Step 2: Replace the old add-on with the new

Remove the old add-on from the GoCD Server’s “addons” directory, and replace it with the new one.

$ sudo su - go
$ rm /var/lib/go-server/addons/go-postgresql-15.1.0-123.jar
$ cp /tmp/go-postgresql-15.2.0-456.jar /var/lib/go-server/addons

Step 3: Upgrade the GoCD Server

Upgrade the GoCD Server as you would, normally. In the case of an RPM based distribution, it is usually done like this:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh go-server-15.2.0-1234.rpm